How I fixed my China phone

I bought the LAUDE Pulse S800 off ebay for £24.99 with delivery charge as a temporary phone because my old trusty Galaxy S i9000 couldn’t handle the latest Android ROM, and my (early) upgrade date isn’t until March. All was perfect, however when I came to reinstall all my apps I was getting the dreaded “Not enough space” message. Confused I dug deaper only to discover that the app partition was only 900 megabytes.

With the help of someone over at I now have over 3 gigabyte data partion and as a bonus no more annoying loud start-up music.

(This may or may not work with the Landvo L200 3G version)

How to flash

1.  Backup with MTK Droid tools
2. Download and extract ROM files with WinRAR 5 or newer
3. Flash with SP Flash Tool.

(How do I do that?)

*Install SP Drivers – I found this MT6577 USB VCOM works best

(Note: If you want to install drivers on win 8.1 64-bit, you will need to reboot Windows into recovery mode, troubleshoot, advanced options, startup settings, restart, # 7 disable driver signature enforcement)

* Open SP Flash Tool, then click Scatter-loading button to load the txt scatter file
* Turn off your phone
* Hit Download button
* Connect phone to USB with data cable
* Wait for the green circle
* Disconnect phone

4. After install start recovery mode, (hold volume+ and power button, then wait until prompt for recovery mode) wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition

5. You’re done, enjoy

– Kit Kat 4.4.2
– Minimal changes from Russian Laude ROM
– Internal Storage increased to 3 Gb for apps
– Rooted, added SuperSU and CWN (with Rua1 method)
– Busybox installed
– Xposed with GravityBox installed and working (you must enable it in Xposed App)
– Google Now Launcher is the default system launcher
– Removed bothersome loud sound when booting and shutting down
– Added ringtones from legacy android
– Original GAPPS included, Multi-language.

Download the new ROM HERE


    Glad you made it lads. I'm missing something apparently. My PC ''sees'' the Laude for few seconds then disappear. currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (code 45) I tried a good number of changing options here and there No luck so far Asus zenbook win10x64

    Boyko | 6 years ago Reply

    best ROM for s800 I load it in my phone.its work very well.when I buy this phone to tiny I can't Google sighn playstor can't run and now avry thing is fine. thanks to need ROM .com

    rashid pirozai | 6 years ago Reply

    Hi. Does this rom also has encryp option in setting/security? As the orginal misses that...if yes, i will update into it.

    robert | 6 years ago Reply

    thanks so much for this

    TheGuy | 6 years ago Reply

    Disregard, Thanks to your MT6577 USB VCOM drivers. My phone got detected correctly by sp flash tool.

    Ced Ric | 6 years ago Reply

    Hi nice write up! how did you connect your laude s800 to sp flash tool? did you remove the battery first? did you have to press something? Thanks

    Ced Ric | 6 years ago Reply

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